Independent broker for your tailor-made insurance

We're a specialised insurance broker and we'll guide you through the complex world of insurance, either as an enterprise or private entity. Our services consist of assisting and protecting your enterprise and wealth. Furthermore is A&V Consult one of the only Belgian insurance brokers authorised & recognised by Brocom to help out international, mobile expats with their medical costs & group insurances. Our Brocom label guarantees excellent quality and extraordinary customer service.
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Who we insure


Expats won't or will barely enjoy the benefits of a guaranteed income, death coverage or even pension saving... We'll make sure they get all the benefits they need. 


Every pilot deserves a specific insurance for him/her. We make sure those insurances are tailor mate, from the day they start training to the day they retire. 

Enterprises & the private sector

Travelling around the world? In need of legal support? Looking to support your pension or hospitalisation? We also provide those insurances!

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