Protect your team

A company is exposed to various risks and with damage one can have an enormous impact on daily routine and cash reserves.
"Time is Money"!

Not only must the building machinery and property liability be insured your employees also deserve attention. They are the engine of your business and without a properly functioning engine there is no progress. If you want to provide your employees with an attractive coverage protect them and their families against accidents and/or diseases. Would you like to attract new employees       and/or is there room for an extra reward towards your employeeswe offer professional advice on the possibilities within a fiscal environment.      A bonus award from a group in comparison with a conventional payout? Our office provides advice on public pension and hospitalization insurance. A & V Consult will assist you as a manager will assist your company and staff in collaboration with the best insurance agencies in the various sectors.

If your current insuranceplan is not covering any social security, the DOSZ will provide you with a standard coverage but you will be elegiable for a high personal intervention. We are working together with one of the bests international insurance companies who are providing you with several other additional coverages along with the standard hospitalisation:

Our office advises on collective pension plans & hospitalisation insurances.