One of the most important insurances for international families, employees, and expatriates is healthcare insurance. We protect your mobile and local employees, and your private family members by insuring them against accidents and sickness.  But does this protection meet the requirements and needs of your employee and his or her family?

Today there is a wide range of possibilities to insure the most important assets of your company,employees and family members. These contracts can be underwritten for individuals or groups and global coverage.


As specialized broker in international healthcare and other expatriate solutions, such as Pension, Life cover and Disability , my objective is to provide you with the best recommendations on products available on the market.  I’d like to invite you to contact me so we can schedule a meeting in order to provide you with the best solutions.

We can also adjust your current Belgian insurance package when you're staying abroad, temporarily or permanent. We make sure your insurance fits your current needs so that you're always covered as you see fit. 

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