Every pilot requires a different sort of insurance and has his/her own unique needs/requirements. I make sure they all are covered with tailor-made solutions from the moment they start training to the moment they retire. 

This brochure is a consise exposition on what I can provide for pilots and trainee pilots.

  • What about an already paid for training where the trainee can't fly, either temporarily or permanently? Illness or accidents can trigger such a situation. Did you know we can insure the already invested capital?

  • Legal counsel for pilots for a minor yearly gratuity. Our office will support and advise you when you need legal assistance. An absolute must for (trainee) pilots.

  • Will your current health insurer cover an admission after an aviation related risk? Our office will mediate the situation and achieve hospitalisation coverage without added gratuities.

  • We offer civil liabilities for instructors

  • What about ongoing insurance policies like invalidity or credit insurance?

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